Unlike casino gambling where you’re betting against the house, horse racing is a pari-mutuel venture. In other, less fancy words, you’re betting against everybody else who’s betting.

It’s like this — all the money that everybody wagers goes into a big pot. If you win, you get a piece of that pot. How big a piece depends on how many other people also win. So somebody, probably a lot of somebodies, is going to be taking home some dough.

We, the track, simply take a modest cut of the total amount wagered. We have no interest in the outcome of the races. We just want everyone to have a great time.

So that’s the basic setup. Now for the details. Click a link in the below to learn more.

A Basic Menu of Bets

What to Say at the Window

Some Facts Worth Knowing

How to Talk The Talk

In Horse Racing you are betting against everybody else who’s betting

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