Much like satellite TV works in the home, satellite connections or “links” are made between the host track and Surfside Race Place, enabling you to see live races from around the world.

Also, a satellite link from Surfside Race Place to the host track is in place, justifying the tote board. In other words, when you place a bet on the “Dubai World Cup” at Surfside Race Place, you are wagering right alongside those people betting on the Arabian Peninsula, only without the jet-lag!

Betting on a horse race is very exciting, especially when the horse you’ve picked wins! But you may be confused by all the new terminology. Click any of the links below, and you’ll have it down in no time!

Placing a Bet:

How Does It Work?

A Basic Menu of Bets

What to Say at the Window

Some Facts Worth Knowing

How to Talk The Talk

Need some help picking the winners? Buy tip sheets daily, across from the Gift Shop. Tip sheets available for purchase at Surfside are Today’s Racing DigestDaily Racing Form, Bob’s Card, Winners Card, Duke’s Card, and Triangle Turf Card.

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